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AssetSensor leads a new generation of active Tags / RFIDs that also feature sensor technology. Besides the traditional beacon function found in Active Tags, the AssetSensor can also provide information motion and handling on the device it is attached to allowing you collect more valuable data about your assets.
By combining latest RF transceiver technology with a low power microprocessor and integration of MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) sensor technology SenseAnywhere has been able to greatly improve and cost reduce wireless sensor and data logger devices. AssetSensor is the first product of a range of products that can be used for track and trace, remote sensing monitoring and alerting, RTLS and data logging.
Unique is its unmatched battery life of 10 years. One big thing less to worry about when deploying active Tags.
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The AssetSensor functions as an Active Long Range RFID. It communicates with AssessPoints which locations are known and as such the location of the asset to which the sensor is connected is known. Arrival and departure times are automatically logged. The set-up is plug and play, automatic network discovery, no paring or WPA key programming required. Due to the long range of up to 600m in the open field, only one or just a few AccessPoints are needed at a location. This together with a ‘lifetime’ battery that lasts for 10 years makes the AssetSensor the most economic choice for your RTLS

The Accelerometer is used to detect movement. The sensitivity of the motion detection is remote programmable and will allow tuning motion detection for the asset it is connected to. Besides motion, position (tilt) or shock can be detected. All these events are instantly transferred when the sensor is in range of an AccessPoint. When not in range, the event will be stored in memory with a time stamp and transferred as soon as the sensor comes into range. The accelerometer can be used to track running hours, use at odd times, unauthorized use. Theft protection of valuables that should not move e.g in a museum or public building. Theft protection of vehicles or equipment at your location outside business hours. e.g. cars at a dealership or goods at a construction site.

The wireless communication between the AssetSensor and the network is a 2-way communication. The sensor will automatically discover the AccessPoints at a given location. The AssetSensor transmits its data to a central database waiting for a confirmation of good reception. When this confirmation arrives, the message is removed from the sensor’s memory. The Protocol features retransmission attempts and duplicate packet filtering. No event gets lost.
This reliable protocol together with the accelerometer can take up the task to use the AssetSensor as a reliable motion detector to protect valuable assets in and outside on a lot.

Reliable collecting in real-time data from many locations globally can be a challenging task. We use Cloud computing to fulfill this task. Cloud computing can offer the scalability, reliability, security and redundancy that is needed for these kind of application. Though secure API’s the data can than be shared and forwarded instantly to the WMS, TMS, ERP system. We work with system integrators to help customers to implement our sensors in their applications.

Frequency ISM Band – 868 MHz (region 1) or 915 MHz (region 2)
Wireless protocol SenseAnywhere wireless protocol with automatic service discovery and seamless roaming
Range Up to 300 m outdoors
Logging capacity 1.000 events with data/timestamp
Battery life Up to 10 years
Motion Accelerometer 3-axis, sensitivity 0g – 16g, sensitivity remotely programmable
Reed switch Detect removal from and insertion into holder
Compatibility EN12830 class 1, storage & transport, climatic environment type: D CE, EN300328, EN55022
Mounting The holder is pre-fitted with very high bond double sided tape and two stainless steel screws are supplied for mounting in very harsh environments or on rough surfaces. Try to avoid mounting on metal surfaces, reinforced concrete walls, inside metal racks or cabinets.
Casing material PC-ABS, easy to clean surface
Protection class IP68, 24 hours @1m