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Impinj Revolution R420
Impinj Revolution

Impinj Speedway R420


The Speedway Revolution R420 UHF RFID Reader delivers the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust RAIN RFID-based information you can count on. With the largest installed base of fixed readers across a diverse range of applications, high mean time between failure, and a suite of supporting products and tools, Speedway readers are a powerful piece of every item visibility platform solution. The Speedway's innovative Autopilot capability delivers peak performance—all day, every day.

Without power supply.

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Impinj Speedway R420

The Impinj Speedway R420 is one of the most popular readers on the market. Designed for high performance and high efficiency, the self-optimizing Speedway Revolution R420 was created for anyone and everyone looking for high quality, high value, and high usability.


  • Autopilot — a set of unique firmware features work together to automatically optimize the reader’s operation for its environment.
  • Autoset — continuously optimizes the reader’s configuration for the best, most reliable performance
  • Low duty cycle — reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs
  • Dynamic antenna switching — improves throughput and helps the reader work more efficiently
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) — simplifies deployment and dramatically reduces cost by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation at read points.
  • Improves upon the advanced hardware capabilities that made the original Speedway the reader of choice for many demanding customers—capabilities such as best receive sensitivity, interference rejection, and item-level carrier cancellation.

If you are looking for one of the best RFID readers available, consider the Speedway Revolution R420. Manufactured by Impinj, a trusted leader in RFID, the R420 is designed to adjust to its surroundings and environment on the fly, the versatile reader provides peak performance at all times of operation. Whether this is your first time purchasing an RFID reader, you are replacing one that no longer works, or your low quality model just isn’t cutting it anymore, the Speedway Revolution R420 is for you!

The R420 is available for purchase and operation in the United States (FCC, IPJ-REV-R420-USA1M1); Europe (EU, IPJ-REV-R420-EU11M1); Brazil, Latin America, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan (IPJ-REV-R420-GX11M1); China, Korea, South Africa (IPJ-REV-R420-GX21M1); and Japan (IPJ-REV-R420-JP21M1).

The Speedway Revolution R420 comes equipped with numerous performance features setting it apart from other RFID readers on the market. The hallmark feature of the R420 is Autopilot which automatically adjusts and optimizes for any environment. Another feature, Autoset, constantly optimizes the reader’s configuration saving you valuable time. The Speedway Revolution R420 also comes fully equipped with dynamic antenna switching helping the reader perform more effectively and efficiently.

All these features plus many more make it the first choice for a wide variety of customers around the world and across many industrial verticals. Capabilities such as best receive sensitivity, interference rejection, and item-level carrier cancellation are all examples of the high quality features you will receive when you invest in the Speedway Revolution R420. Because of its high level of efficiency and automatic optimization, the Speedway Revolution R420 saves you time and money in the long run, so it’s a smart investment if you are looking to buy an RFID reader. If you are looking for an RFID reader that will make your business more effective and efficient, the choice is simple.


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