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Intellifi SmartBeacon

Intellifi Brain


Intellifi Beacons are based on Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology that is also used in the latest modern smartphones. The Intellifi Beacons are fully Apple iBeacon compliant. The unique antenna design makes that the Intellifi Beacons are the best performing Beacons available today.


Intellifi Brain

With the Intellifi Identification and Localization system Sensorplaza offers a multi technology platform that offers both passive RAIN UHF RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) possibilities. Intellifi Smartspots combine the mentioned identification technologies with web based services (BRAIN) to enable new localization applications and create enhanced user interaction. With Intellifi identification & localization becomes easy & affordable because installation and system set-up are straightforward and easy.
Application developers get the identification and localization information from the BRAIN server in Json format. One of the most important advantages of the BRAIN is that it automatically collects information from various geographic locations.

The brain web-services deliver
  • Relevant information
  • Your application does not have to handle massive amounts of raw signal data. You’ll just receive the information you need.

  • Fast implementations
  • There is no need to have a deep understanding of UHF RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy protocols. Just connect to the web services.

  • Focus on the end-user
  • You can focus on adding value to your application and the end-user.

Application example
  • Interactive customer engagement
  • Tracking of hospital beds and IV pumps
  • Office space management
  • Container and RTI pools
  • Healthcare
  • Office management
  • Retail
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Intellifi concept video

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Frequency range: 2.4Ghz  
Output power: up to +8 dBm EIRP
Power Battery: CR2450, 700mAh (allows for long battery lifetime up to 4 years)  
Default battery life: 1 year at 500ms beaconing interval or 2 years at 1000ms  
Optional: USB powered
UUID By default uniquely coded major / minor fields  
Pre-configured custom UUID / major / minor at request
Temperature operating: 0 °C to + 60 °C  
storage -20 °C to + 75 °C
Compliance 100% iBeacon and Bluetooth Smart
Colours Pure white (polished)  
Industrial black  
Dimensions Battery powered: 38mm x 38mm x 11mm  
USB powered: 38mm x 38mm x 11mm
Weight Battery powered: 19 gr. & nbsp;
USB Powered: 12 gr.
IP-Class IP65

Intellifi SmartBeacon Datasheet