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M3 Orange

M3 Orange Plus


M3 Orange Plus

The M3 Orange Plus is a fully rugged industrial PDA, built to withstand tough working environments and applications, with a sleek and slimline design. Packed with an impressive range of features as standard, including 3.8G connectivity and a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, the M3 Orange Plus also boasts significant battery endurance designed for complete work efficiency and satisfaction. 

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M3 Orange Plus PDA boasts enhanced updated OS and CPU. Multiple OS support and Cortex-A8 833MHz are applied so you can meet totally different and new feature. Its design has also been evolved to give more refined and compact look by applying intenna and black finish.

Furthermore, battery lock is replaced with slide type instead of previous rotate type for customer satisfaction. battery endurance for tough environment upgrades your work efficiency and satisfaction as well.

Multi OS Support

Windows Embeded Handheld 6.5 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is available in M3 ORANGE+. These latest operating system provides intuitive user interface.

ARM v7 Cortex-A8 833MHz

Powerful CPU speed with “High-Tier” guarantees faster graphic process and memory access.


(Li-Ion 3.7V 3,300mA)M3 ORANGE+’s smart battery provides accurate remaining battery capacity so that the user can efficiently plan the usage of the PDA. Also, its large capacity is suitable for long time shifts.

IP 65 Sealing, 1.8m Drop

(Ingress Protection, Drop to steel surface)M3 ORANGE+ is suitable to use in a tough environment; withstands drop from 1.8m and protects against dust and water.

1D / 2D / RFID

Superior scanner / RFID application provides real-time data capture and automatic data processing so that you can expect flexibility of work and cost-efficiency.

Multi-function QWERTY Keypad

Multi functional keys of QWERTY keypad are designed for versatile performance. As hot keys, these are going to make the direct access be possible and increase users’ working speed.

3.2M Pixels AF Camera
High resolution and auto focused functionality capture clear images of product and/or documentation.